To grow as a community through our faith in God, giving love and respect to all.


Collective Worship

As a Catholic primary school collective worship plays a fundamental part of daily school life and enables us all to join together as one in prayer and worship.


Growing Closer to God

In its simplest form, prayer is defined as “talking to God.” It is a personal time of opening our hearts to our Heavenly Father and bringing everything in our hearts to Him. Through the Apostle Paul, God asked us to pray. Prayer can be a powerful force for change in our lives, and the importance of doing it on a daily basis should be instilled in our children.

Communication is the foundation for success in any relationship. When we communicate openly and freely with each other, we learn to know each other as individuals. This principle also applies to our relationship with God. By talking to God, we can learn more about who He is and what plan He has for us.

Our daily prayers

Morning Prayer

Father in heaven, you love me,

You're with me night and day.

I want to love you always

In all I do and say.

I'll try to please you, Father.

Bless me through the day.



Lunch Time Prayer

Bless us, O Lord, as we sit together,

Bless the food we eat today,

Bless the hands that make the food.

Bless us, O Lord.



Evening Prayer

God our Father, I come to say

Thank you for your love today.

Thank you for my family,

And all the friends you give to me.

Guard me in the dark of night,

And in the morning send your light.


Classroom Worship

Each day worship takes place in the school. Each class will take part in the following acts of worship every week:

  • A Ten Ten weekly assembly
  • Hymn practice
  • A Child led or teacher led worship (See below for more information.)
  • Prayer study - children learn, practice and discuss the meaning of a prayer.
  • A celebration assembly


Child Led Worship

Different children in each class prepare and lead their class in worship. In younger year groups the children are guided by adults to prepare for this. As the children grow through school, more independence is given to them, to plan their own worship.

Adult Led Worship

Teachers lead the class in worship based on the 'Virtues to Live by'.

Collective Worship