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Wear a hat day for William

The whole school took part in a 'wear a hat' day for William Newcombe, one of our former pupils, who lost his brave battle with cancer in March 2018.

Over £200 was raised, which will be used to create a quiet and peaceful area on the school field in William's memory.

We would also like to thank Gates Hut Ltd and the Mulvey-Bryce family for their donation of a bench for the area.


World Environment Day

This week DMBC have been showing their support for World Environment Day by holding an Environmental Action Week around the borough.

Our Year 5 pupils were asked by the Stronger Communities Team to help support them by helping to pick up litter in Adwick Park.

Below are selection of photographs from the day

Inspiring Author David Lawrence Jones

On Monday 23rd November we experienced an inspiring showcase presentation from a local born author, David Lawrence Jones. David involved the children throughout his presentation by using some amazing props during the show, while telling us about his background and what inspired him to become an author. He certainly created a positive buzz about reading and writing among us all in school.


Judaism Day

On Wednesday 21st October the whole school were involved in a carousel of activities to learn about the Jewish faith and Culture. Special thanks go to Mrs Murphy, who is our acting RE Coordinator whilst Mrs Cummins- Smith is on maternity leave and to Miss Williamson, our Curriculum Coordinator, for organising the day.

Throughout the day the children learnt about many things; The Torah and Hebrew writing. They compared the Synagogue to the Catholic Church as well as comparing the Sabbath (as practiced and understood in Christianity and the Hebrew Sabbath). They studied the story of Abraham and Sarah and learnt all about Passover and the importance of The Ten Plagues, and the Seder Meal at this special time.


Democracy Week (Week commencing 14th September)

The children have been looking at what democracy means. We have taken this opportunity for the children to elect their class' School Councillors.

We are delighted to announce this year's School Council is Aleksander, Sinead, Maggie, Lucas, Awakhiwe, Libby, Georgina, Leo and Ruby.

Take a look here to see how St David's class made a proposal for a bill and then had a class debate imagining that they were all MP’s in the House of Commons. There were lots of arguments for and against. It helped them understand why it can take a very long time for a law to be made.


Rainbows Celebrate Me Day

Poem by Thomas Booth

There are tears of sorrow,

There are tears of joy,

Here at Rainbows we help each other,

Every girl and every boy.

Diversity Week 

During Diversity Week (Week commencing 29th June) the whole school learnt about some of the different cultures that make up the Doncaster community.

On Wednesday the children took part in a carousel of activities to learn more about Islam. On Thursday the children took part in a number of activities delivered by a group from EMTAS. The children learnt how to dance like actors from Bollywood, make Pakoras, explore Mehndi designs and discuss Polish culture.

We believe that it is really important that the children learn about other cultures to gain understanding. With greater understanding, comes tolerance and respect. With tolerance and respect, hopefully there is greater harmony and a chance of a more peaceful world. Equipped with this knowledge our children will be better citizens in an increasingly diverse society.



Democracy Week

With the General Elections taking place on Thursday 7th May, the children have been learning about democracy. During assembly on Friday afternoon (8.5.15) the children from each class shared some of the things they had learnt throughout "Democracy week".

The children have started to find out what democracy in Britain is like including the different political parties, the voting system and how it is decided who will be Prime Minister.


Come and See

As part of our Come and See work, the children study two other world faiths. Just before half term the children learnt about Judaism which is closely connected to our Christian faith. The whole school took part in a carousel of activities.The children were able to visit other classrooms finding out about different traditions and symbols of the Jewish faith.

The pupils were able to make chocolate marshmallow dreidles, Star of David biscuits, menorah handprints, a Star of David made using lolly pop sticks as well as their own mezuzah.

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