Information for Parents

Corona Virus Information

Click here for the letter sent home regarding the Corona Virus


Our School Day


FS1         Morning 8.45am - 11.45am  or   Afternoon 12.25pm - 3.25pm


FS2         Morning 8.45am - 12.00am        Afternoon 1.10pm -3.25pm

               (Doors open at 8.40pm for Foundation Stage pupils)

Infants:   Morning 8.50am - 12.10noon     Afternoon 1.10pm - 3.25pm


Juniors:  Morning 8.50am - 12.10 noon    Afternoon 1.10pm - 3.25pm

               (School doors open at 8.45am and in Foundation at 8.40am)


Supervision of children before and after school                 

There is no official supervision of children before 8.45am.  All children need to be supervised by an adult before school until the doors open at 8.45 and after school once they have been released to a parent/carer or named adult.  Parents or carers must inform the school office or class teacher if someone else will be picking their child up as children can only be released to people named on their child’s collection form.


Breakfast Club and Walker Service

The school Breakfast Club runs from 7.30am each morning during term time and currently costs £4.00 per day for the first child and £3.50 per day for a sibling.  This cost is for the childcare element only.

Children attending this club are provided with breakfast which is supplied by a charity 'Magic Breakfast' and take part in a range of activities until the start of the school day. 

A walker service costing £3.00 per child is also available to take children to the Phoenix After School Club held at Adwick Primary School.  Payment for Breakfast Club and the Walker service should be paid on ParentPay.   Any Phoenix club fees are paid directly to Adwick Primary School. 


Attendance and Absence Procedures 

We have high expectations of children's attendance at St Joseph & St Teresa's.  We strive for 100% attendance and expect no less than 97%.

Please contact the school office by 9am if your child is absent from school either by telephone (01302 723320) or by email at

Please see below our attendance procedures

  • If your child is taking prescribed medication then a member of staff will administer the medication in line with our Medicines in School Policy. Please hand prescribed medication in at the school office and complete the appropriate forms.
  • Parents have permission to visit school during the day to administer non-prescribed medicines to their children.
  • If your child is too ill to be in school then we ask that you notify the school by 9am that morning.  Please advise us of the reason for absence and the expected date of return.
  • If you child is absent from school for 5 days or longer then please provide medical evidence i.e. An appointment card, indicating the reason for absence.
  • Please arrange all appointments outside of the school day where possible.  If an appointment during the school day is unavoidable, please note that we expect your child to attend school before and after the appointment.  A full day absence will not be authorised for a medical appointment.

We do not authorise any holiday during term time unless it is classed as an 'Exceptional Circumstance'.  An Education Penalty Notice may be issued by the Local Authority to each parent/carer for each child if this is not adhered to.  Please note the Doncaster Local Authority attendance guidance defines a parent/carer as:

  • All natural parents, whether they are married or not.
  • Any person who, although they are not a natural parent, has parental responsibility (as defined in the Children's Act 1989) for a child or young person.
  • Any person who, although not a natural parent, has care of a child or young person with whom the child lives and who looks after a child, irrespective of their relationship with the child.
  • Any person who has care of a child or young person i.e. lives with and looks after a child.

If you do not notify us but we have evidence that your child has been on holiday an Education Penalty Notice may still be issued.

St Joseph & St Teresa's Catholic Primary School shares the Government's determination to raise the levels of pupil attendance at school because we want to provide the best possible outcomes for all our children.


Dinner Money

School dinners are available at a cost of £12.50 per week and is payable in advance.  Payment should be made on ParentPay in advance.

There is a new on-line service for parents wishing to apply for Free School Meals. If you log onto the Doncaster Council website and search for free school meals, there is now an option to apply on-line.

Once completed, the application is automatically checked against the Department for Education’s Eligibility Checking Service (ECS) and it will instantly tell you if you qualify for free school meals. The application is then automatically forwarded to the Free School Meals team who will process the application, usually on the same date it is received. An email confirming the entitlement will be sent to the school the following morning.


Click here to go to the online service to apply for free school meals

School Milk

Milk is now provided by Cool Milk.  Nursery children will be registered by school.  

All children under five receive their milk free of charge.  When your child is five you must register them on to continue to receive milk.  Click here for more information.


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a piece of EU-wide legislation which will determine how people's personal data is processed and kept safe, and the legal rights individuals have in relation to their own data.

'Personal data' means information that can identify a living individual.

The regulation will apply to all schools from 25th May 2018, and will apply even after the UK leaves the EU.

Please click here for the GDPR Privacy Notice for pupils and parents/carers




Click here to read our Admission Policy for 2021/22

Click here for our Supplementary form for 2021/22 (This must be completed and returned to school with the relevant documentation in addition to the Online application)


Water Bottles

Please provide your child with a water bottle in school, everyday. Juice is only allowed at lunch times if your child has a packed lunch for their dinner.



Fruit is provided each day, free of charge, to all of the infants. If your child is in the Juniors (Y3 and above) and you wish them to have a snack at break time, they are allowed to fetch their own fruit into school. The children are not allowed to eat any other snacks during break times apart from fruit.



Please remember that jewellery is not allowed to be worn in school, except for small stud earrings.  For health and safety reasons, no jewellery (which includes earrings and watches) are allowed to be worn during P.E.



Please ensure that all children have an appropriate P.E kit in school at all times.  P.E kits can be brought into school on a Monday and left at school until Friday. This will ensure that they have a kit in school if there was a need to change the day of P.E.


Maintenance Fund

As a Catholic School we are liable for 10% of the cost of any capital building works to the school.  To raise this money the Governors have established a Maintenance Fund and each family in school are asked to make a voluntary contribution of £30.00 per year, or 75p per week.  Contributions can be made via ParentPay.


Road Safety

Parents are requested to park thoughtfully in the vicinity of the school and not to park blocking access for local residents.  Parents must not park in the school car park.


School Nursing Service

If you have any concerns or would like some advice regarding your child’s health, the School Nursing Service has a single point of contact where you can speak to a health professional.  Our school nurse is called Anne Mulligan.  If no-one is available when you call, you can leave a message and someone will ring you back that day.  The telephone number is 01302 384138 or you can email cyp& 



Please ask at the school office for more details about any after-school clubs and activities.


School Uniform

Please ensure that all items of uniform are clearly marked with your child’s name so that it may be returned if misplaced throughout the school day.  School sweatshirts and cardigans with a logo can be purchased from within our local Asda at Carcroft.

Girls' Uniform:

Grey Skirt, Pinafore or Trousers

White Shirt or Polo Shirt

Navy Sweatshirt or Cardigan

Red Tie (Optional)

Black Shoes

White Socks or Navy Tights



Optional Summer Uniform

Blue Gingham Dress

Blue Gingham Shorts

Grey School Shorts

(Shorts must be an appropriate length for school)


PE Kit:

Black Shorts

Plain White T-Shirt

Plain black, grey or navy tracksuit may be worn for outdoor games on cold weather.

Pumps or trainers.


Boys' Uniform:

Grey Trousers

White Shirt or Polo Shirt

Navy Sweatshirt

Red Tie (Optional)

Black Shoes

Grey Socks



Optional Summer Uniform

Grey School Shorts

(Shorts must be an appropriate length for school)




PE Kit:

Black Shorts

Plain White T-Shirt

Plain black, grey or navy tracksuit may be worn for outdoor games on cold weather.

Pumps or trainers.


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