The national average attendance for primary schools is currently 96.1%.  The Local Authority has set the attendance target for Doncaster schools as 97%.  Persistent Absentees percentage is now 90%.  Our school’s own challenging target is 98.5% attendance for this academic year.  Our schools RAG rating is as follows:

Green - 97% and above

Amber - 95-96.9%

Red - Less than 95%

We try to keep parents informed of their child’s RAG rating at parents evenings throughout the year or at the end of a school term.

You can help us to improve our school’s attendance by making sure that your child comes to school every day.  If he/she has a slight cold/cough or temperature they can still come to school and we will contact you if we feel they need to go home.  If a medical appointment is made, then please bring them to school for their mark first and then sign them out at the office.  Please show the appointment card/letter/text when collecting your child for an appointment.  We can administer medicine in school but only if it is prescribed by a doctor and the necessary paperwork is filled out at the office.

Please click here for the Family of Schools attendance policy.

New Leave of Absence Procedures

I would like to remind you of changes regarding holidays in term time. The Local Authority have advised schools that no holidays should be authorised except in exceptional circumstances and that all unauthorised holidays lead to a fixed penalty notice being issued.

Criteria for Leave of Absence – Exceptional Circumstances

  1. Where it is company/organisational policy for an employee to take leave at a specific time in the year and there is no opportunity for a family holiday in school holidays. This must be evidenced by production of the policy document of the organisation.
  2. Service personnel returning from/scheduled to embark upon a tour of duty abroad.
  3. Where a holiday is recommended as part of a parent or child’s rehabilitation from a medical or emotional issue. Evidence must be provided.

Where there are other factors which the head teacher may consider to be exceptional circumstances this may be referred to the local authority for advice.

In School On Time Every Day

Please remember that the school doors open at 8.45am. If your child/children arrive after 9.00am they will be given a “late” mark.  If they arrive after 9.15 they will be given a 'U' mark which is a late mark after registration closes.  This will be classed as a half-day unauthorised absence.

Attendance Trophy

Each week we display the attendance of each class on the notice board, just outside Mr Carroll’s office. The class with the highest attendance receive an Attendance Trophy which they keep in their classroom for the whole of that week.


 Please see the document below for

important attendance and punctuality percentages


Our Attendance Trophy

Our Weekly Attendance Notice Board

Each week the class with the highest attendance is awarded the attendance cup which they look after all week.

If any class gets 100% attendance they are awarded £5 to spend how they wish. 

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