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Spellings and Further Reading

This weeks Spellings (W/C 25.01.21):

Home Learning (Tuesday 26th January)

Literacy (Please send Photos via Class Dojo) - Teams Meeting 9.30am

Listen to this weeks story again using the link above. Talk to your child about the following: 

  • Who were the characters in the story?
  • Were the Pirates being kind to each other? 
  • What were they fighting about?
  • How could they solve the problem?


Nursery draw your own pirate scene think about what you will need to include. Maybe a treasure chest, map. island, treasure or a map and definitely don't forget the Pirate! What colours will you use and what shape will the different items be? 

Reception have a look at the Pirate scene above. What can you see in the picture? Practice saying sentences that start with 'I can see..' Now its time to write your fantastic sentences don't forget how to spell your tricky words and use your 'Fred fingers' to help you. See if you can include a Capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop in your super sentence. Can you write 3 different sentences?




Video on Dojo


Group 1 (o sound)






Group 2 (oo spelling)






Maths (Reception) - Teams Meeting 1pm

Practice recognising numbers 0-10. Can you make your own number line and count forwards and backwards along it. 

Complete the activity below. Can you work out the missing numbers from the number line? Can you explain to an adult how you know the missing number e.g. 6 because it is one more that 5 and one fewer than 7. Make sure all your numbers are facing the correct way. 

Home Learning (Monday 25th January)

Literacy (Please send Photos via Class Dojo) - Teams Meeting 9.30am

Talk to your child about what they already know about Pirates. Work through the Slides above learning all the new skills you will need to attend Pirate school this week.  

  • What will your pirate name be? 
  • What would you look like as a Pirate? 
  • How will you speak?  

Make your own Pirate costume ready for Pirate story time. You could make a hat, wear a stripy t-shirt. 

Draw a picture of yourself as a pirate, don't forget, some pirates have hats, hooks and wooden legs. Then think about what you would do if you were a pirate for a day. Nursery children tell your grown up, Reception children to write a sentence starting 'If I was a Pirate I would...' 


Maths (Reception) - Teams Meeting 1pm

Practice recognising ordinal numbers. Make rosettes for 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place.

Have a race with others in your home. Who will come 1st, 2nd and 3rd. 

Then line up all of your toys (up to 10). Can you identify the position of each toy e.g. 5th, 6th, 7th. 

Complete the activity below. 

Remote Learning - Superheroes!

This week we looked at the story 'Supertato!' We designed our own superhero identity, wrote our own vegetable shopping list and explored other things that can fly like a superhero! 

Remote Learning - All about Winter!

Last week we were learning about all things Winter. We looked at the weather, things we would wear, what we would eat and drink to keep warm and how we can help our toys escape the ice!

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