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Homework is important as it reinforces and challenges pupils’ learning.


  • Your child should read every night to an adult and have their reading record signed.
  • Learn their spellings. These can be found in their Home/ School Diary. There is space in their diary to "Look, Cover, Write and Check."
  • Learn their Times Tables and practice mental calculations.

In addition to this, more formal homework will be set on a Friday to be completed by the following Wednesday. If your child's homework is not completed by Wednesday, they will not earn any house points and be given an extension until Friday.  If the homework is not completed by Friday, they will have to complete it during Friday lunchtime.


PLEASE ensure your child has their reading book, reading record and Home School Diary EVERY day.

Thank you



THIS WEEK'S HOMEWORK (Friday 29th June due in Weds 4th July)

Maths  -  Y4 Solve the Flagpole puzzle - use logical steps to organise your answers like we have in class.      Y5 Conversions of measures sheet & Perimeter and Area

Sheets can be found in blue books.



Please see list attached to parent overview for the summer term.  The creative homework is now on the website - see below.


My Maths

Check out My Maths

Most Recent -  HOMEWORK SET : 18th May 2018 - please complete if not already done

If you have any issues gaining access to the internet at home - please ask and you will be able to access a computer at lunchtime. 

This homework is very important and can help you understand things you might not have deeply understood in the lesson.  If you do not do it, you are missing out on a valuable opportunity to practice what you have learned so that you can consolidate your understanding.  PLEASE finish any outstanding homework as soon as possible.


Bug Club

Log on to Bug Club.   BOOK BAGS ARE CURRENTLY BEING UPDATED - if there is a problem please come and see me. Read as much as you can and remember to answer the questions because I check up to see who is reading and answering correctly! Have fun! 


Spellings going home Friday 29th June to be tested Friday 6th July

The spellings for the last few weeks will be a random selection from any spellings the children have in their planners.  The idea being that once learned, they should be remembered.  


PLEASE encourage your children to remind themselves of the spelling 'rules' for each set of spellings so that they can do their best in the test.

Times Tables

The national curriculum states that all children should know their times tables up to 12 x 12 by the end of year 4.  Please try and practise as much as you can.    
Year 4 should now be secure with almost all times tables...
Focus for this term is GETTING THEM ALL RIGHT!
Year 5 should be secure with ALL times tables. Still a few that are dodgy! Keep practicing if you are not already!
Y5 Children will be tested on times tables every week on a Tuesday, Y4 on Fridays.
                      "Don't practise until you can do it.  Practise until you can't get it wrong!"
Please practise with your child as much as possible.   Knowing their times tables 'unlocks' a lot of mathematics for them that they otherwise cannot access. 
Every time they go upstairs, during the ad breaks, waiting for the bath to run - are all good times to have a quick practice.


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