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Homework is important as it reinforces and challenges pupils’ learning.


  • Your child should read every night to an adult and have their reading record signed.
  • Learn their spellings. These can be found in their Home/ School Diary. There is space in their diary to "Look, Cover, Write and Check."
  • Learn their Times Tables and practice mental calculations.

In addition to this, more formal homework will be set on a Friday to be completed by the following Wednesday.


PLEASE ensure your child has their reading book, reading record and Home School Diary EVERY day.

Thank you


Homework Friday 30th June due in Wednesday 5th July 

Year 4 and Year 5

ENGLISH: Prefixes - 'dis' and 'mis' worksheets in blue book.



Please take a look at the new Creative homework grid and see which homework you would like to choose. From this term, in St David's,  there will be an automatic 5 house points for every piece of creative homework completed and then an additional number of house points based on the quality of the work.  I wonder how many points you will score for your team...


My Maths

If you have any issues gaining access to the internet at home - please ask and you will be able to access a computer at lunchtime.

This homework is very important and can help you understand things you might not have deeply understood in the lesson.  If you do not do it, you are missing out on a valuable opportunity to practise what you have learned so that you can consolidate your understanding.  PLEASE finish any outstanding homework as soon as possible.


Bug Club

Log on to Bug Club. Well done everyone with your reading.  You are really starting to make better progress and I am really pleased! I have updated ALL the book bags with your new colour bands. You will have books from your new 'shelf' band and books from your new guided reading colour band.  I hope you enjoy the new challenges in your book bags.  Remember to answer the questions because I check up to see who is reading and answering correctly!  I have also added some new spelling and grammar tasks for you to practise. Don't forget about them - they will really help you with your writing.  Have fun! 


Spellings for Friday 7th July (to be tested on Friday 14th July)













Keep learning the spellings from the long list - look at the ones you didn't get right on the big spelling test this week. Thank you for your support with this.

There will be a spelling test from the 'BIG' list at some point in the next 5 weeks.  Keep practising them! Your target is to know 75%( Y4) , 50% (Y5) of them!

Times Tables

The national curriculum states that all children should know their times tables up to 12 x 12 by the end of year 4.  Please try and practise as much as you can.    
Year 4 should now be secure with x2 x 5 x10 x3 x4 x6 and x8.
We will focus on 6's 7's 8's, 11's and 12's for the next few weeks.
Year 5 should be secure with ALL times tables.  Keep practising if you are not!
Children will be tested on times tables every week on a Tuesday.
                      "Don't practise until you can do it.  Practise until you can't get it wrong!"
Please practise with your child as much as possible.   Knowing their times tables 'unlocks' a lot of mathematics for them that they otherwise cannot access. 
Every time they go upstairs, during the ad breaks, waiting for the bath to run - are all good times to have a quick practise.
Creative Homework
Please check out the new creative homework grid!!!!
Which BEAST-ly activity will you choose?

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